Music Story of the Old Quarter


Center of the Old Quarter’s culture exchange
50 Dao Duy Tu, Hanoi

From the organizer:

Hanoi – the capital city of Vietnam has its proud 1000-year-old history and tradition. The music born here shares the same richness as the city’s history itself: diversified, unique and original.
“Music Story of the Old Quarter” is a chain of music shows whose objective is to introduce generally to the world the evolution of the Hanoi’s music, past to present.
The shows are to replicate the footsteps of the city’s music through history, using traditional voices, rhythms and beats combined with contemporary installation arts. The performance will be delivered by the top class singers and musicians.
Through portraying Vietnamese’s unique music, The Old Quarter’s story of music hopes to successfully communicate the core values inside Hanoi’s culture, history and humans to the audience, both foreign and native.

Incentive Idea: Vu Nhat Tan, Dam Minh
Create & arrange the show: People’s Artist Xuan Hoach, Thanh Hoa, Thanh Binh, Cong Hung and the team “Dong Kinh Co Nhac”

Vu Nhat Tan
+84.124 912 5212

Music Story of the Old Quarter
Chuyện nhạc Phố Cổ





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