[Tranquil]Improvisation by Peter cello & VuNhatTan piano[Hanoi08.2016]

5 Nguyen Quang Bich str.,
Hoan Kiem dist., Hanoi, Vietnam
September 03, Saturday 8:30pm

Peter PT Jacobson cello
Vu Nhat Tan

We are super pleased and honor to host two great artirts in the first week of September here at Tranquil: Vu Nhat Tan and Peter Jacobson.
It will be an interactive musical event between the two artists, between a cello and a piano, and between the two artists and the audiences.
“Peter Jacobson is a young cellist from Los Angeles, where he lives and performs different gernes ranging from classical, modern music to Jazz, Latino and improvising music. He will mix with Vu Nhat Tan’s piano, also ranging from acoustic to experimental and sounds..
The program will commence at 20.30 and it will be an open even, where the audiences can bring their own instruments and play along with the artists in the second part of the program.”

You can read more about Peter here:

and about Vu Nhat Tan here:

All the logistic issues will be announced in the coming posts, but for now, we just want to let you guys know this wonderful news first.
Thank you and see you all again,

No Filter @ Tranquil live audio recordings


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