‘Intransmission’ Hanoi 2017

‘Intransmission’ is a series of experimental multidisciplinary live art shows exploring individual perception and collective experience. Its first edition will take place in Hanoi.

Dates: 29th September – 1st October 2017
Place: Heritage Space, Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyễn Hoàng, Hanoi

‘Intransmission’ Hanoi aims to provide an immersive experience, and we thus hope to keep as many details secret as possible to maximise the surprise effect for all of you!
This is why we can’t give you a complete rundown of what we’ve planned for inside.
What we can tell you however, is that there will be two separate rooms. While each room will contain its own site-specific art installation and distinct music act, they will both be connected: audio and visuals from Room 1 will be live-streamed to Room 2, undergoing distortions in the process.
Participating artists and collaborators: Think Playgrounds (installation, Space 1), Daniel Day Long & Julien Noyer (visuals, Space 2), Rec Room (sound design for both spaces), Hai Duy (percussion, Space 1), Linh Ha (vocals, Space 1), Nguyen Thu Thuy (dan ty ba, Space 1), Vu Nhat Tan (music, Space 2), Alistair Hobson (music, Space 2), Numbfoot (music, Space 1 & 2) and Quan (music, Space 2).

About ‘Intransmission’:
‘Intransmission’ explores the concept of perception, and what we call ‘derivative experience’ (i.e. indirect experience through an external narrative).
Two main themes will emerge throughout this series:
1. How individual perception conditions communication channels.
Do we see reality for what it really is? How do our memories and past experiences influence our perception of the world around us? To what extent is our understanding of reality conditioned by mass media, and what are the consequences of this global scale phenomenon?
2. What is lost in channels of communication.
We are interested in exploring what happens when we communicate our realities with others, and specifically what elements of our realities get distorted or lost in the process.
The series thus explores the ‘lack of transmission’ (i.e. distortions and omissions which occur in communication), in an attempt to address the relationship between first-hand, and derivative experience.

About 2nanas:
2nanas is an emerging multidisciplinary production agency. Its areas of competence include artistic conceptualisation and direction, and providing production assistance, in the fields of visual arts, contemporary music and social/community projects.
Its two founders, Anita Wilczega and Dalia Somi, work in collaboration with artists, creators, musicians and organisations, creating expert teams for original projects.
2nanas organises its own creative events, while also helping artists bring their projects to life. 2nanas first solo art exhibition, ‘intransmission’, is planned to open in September 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
You can follow us here:


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