[NO FILTER]@Heritage Space in HANOI

[NO FILTER in Heritage Space][PeterJacobson cello&VuNhatTan piano.Hanoi08.2016]
Heritage Space cordially introduce: NO FILTER
As a part of New Music event series, the night is held on the last Saturday of each month, and hosted by composer/producer Vu Nhat Tan at Heritage Space.
Time: 8PM Saturday 10th September 2016
Location: Heritage Space Library (mezzanine)
Floor 1. Dolphin Plaza Tower
6 Nguyen Hoang (for car) | 28 Tran Binh (for bike)
My Dinh II, Hanoi.
– Organised by: Heritage Space Art Center, Peter PT Jacobsson, Vu Nhat Tan
– Surcharge:
Public: 100 000 VND/ person
Member of Heritage Space: 50 000 VND / person
(Costs for organizers, performers and operation group; Heritage Space does not benefit)

NO FILTER is a night of fringe art music with captivating sounds by cellist/producer Peter PT Jacobson and experimental maverick Vu Nhat Tan. Using elements of classical music, nature sounds, noise, melodic cello loops, sampling and processing, Tan and Jacobson weave a fascinating tapestry of sounds and rhythms to groove to, inspired by the notion that we are all connected more deeply than we may realize. The semi acoustic performance will feature cello, piano, and electronics.
About artist:
Peter Jacobson is a cellist, producer, songwriter-singer, chamber musician, teacher and music selector who has recorded, performed and toured with renowned artists. He studied with Eleonore Schoenfeld at USC as well as at Cal Arts and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. In 2013 he won a Grammy for best Latin Rock Alternative or Urban Album as a member of the group Quetzal. Mr. Jacobson has recorded cello for Dr. Dre and frequently plays alongside the San Diego Symphony. Pete has recorded for film and tv, including The Walking Dead. In 2000 he was a member of the Pacific Music Festival in Sapporo, Japan and has performed in the US, Mexico, Asia, Australia the Midlle East and Europe. He plays with Grammy winning Southwest Chamber Music, the Arohi Ensemble, the 440’s, SANGAM, ThE CoNcEnTr8s, Quartetto Fantastico, the Hutchins Consort and as a freelance cellist.

Vu Nhat Tan is Vietnamese composer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. He is specialized in symphonic, chamber music, solo instruments and traditional instruments. Having studied music in Vietnam (1991/95), Germany (2000/01) and the U.S (2002), Vu Nhat Tan has gained success in music events across Asia, Europe and Australia. In 2002, Vu Nhat Tan turned to experimental electronic music on computer platform, electronic equipment and music instruments. These works were introduced during his performances in Europe, America, Australia, China and Vietnam in collaboration with many classic and contemporary artists. Vu Nhat Tan has lectured on composition and musicology at the Vietnam National Academy of Music since 1995. He also has lectured on music from Vietnam in Australia and China.
Hanoi Grapevine
TID group
Dolphin Plaza
About organizer:
Heritage Space is a space for creativity, enjoyment and aims at new values in a contemporary cultural context. With an area of over 1000m2 located at Dolphin Plaza Building 1st floor, Heritage Space is an elegant and top modern architecture in Hanoi, including Gallery, Library, Multipurpose Room and Office with the capacity to organize many activities: Art Exhibition, Lecture, Music performance, Cinema, Workshop, Education and Teamwork. Heritage Space is run by a group of artists, curators, musicians, architects, those who wish to support, promote and develop the new factors in the creative industries in Vietnam.


A Night of Cello and Electronic Music “NO FILTER”


NO FILTER live recordings in Heritage Space


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