[NO FILTER]Noise vs Funk@RecROOM

[NO FILTER in RecRoom]ExperimentalCello vs Noise[VuNhatTan&PeterJacobson.Hanoi08.2016]

NO FILTER/Noise vs Funk
is a night of fringe art music to fascinate and groove to. Cellist/producer Peter PT Jacobson and experimental vanguard Vu Nhat Tan bring captivating elements of street noise, melodic cello loops, nature sounds, hip hop beats, and trippy textures. The semi acoustic performance will feature cello and keyboards, sampling and processing. Flavors of the LA underground creative beat scene meet rich cello music and avante-guarde Hanoi noise. But the whole thing will be sexy and and groove oriented so people feel free to move and maybe dance to it
It will be an interactive musical event between the two artists, between a cello and electronic/sounds and other instruments, and between the two artists and the audiences. The audiences can bring their own instruments and play along with the artists in the second part of the program.”

About Peter
Peter Jacobson is a cellist, producer, songwriter-singer, chamber musician, teacher and music selector who has recorded, performed and toured with renowned artists. He studied cello at USC, CalArts and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. In 2013 he won a Grammy for best Latin Rock Alternative or Urban Album as a member of the group Quetzal. Mr. Jacobson has recorded for Dr. Dre and frequently performs alongside the San Diego Symphony. Peter has recorded for film and tv, and has performed cello in the USA, Mexico, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.
You can read more about Peter here:

Vu Nhat Tan is one of Vietnam’s leading experimental musicians nd a cultural stalwart of Hanoi, having founded the New Music Ensemble series at the Goethe Institute as well as the traditional Vietnamese music showcase at the new Dao Duy Tu Culture Center. Vu Nhat Tan’s experimental music is a blend of chaos, oscillators, and electronic signal processing. Slip into a trance and be taken into the dark corners and jagged edges of Hanoi.
And about Vu Nhat Tan here:


Hanoi Creative City (tang 20) so 1 Luong Yen, Hai Ba Trung. Hanoi
live recording


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