The Sound And The City

The Sound And The City

Electro-acoustic landscapes of the city, from the microscopic ashes of burnt offerings floating through the streets to the macroscopic arc of the Song Hong as it winds to the sea.
REC:Room – 20th Floor, Hanoi Creative City, no.1 Luong Yen, Hanoi
9PM-11PM 100K Entry
An evening of new and curious music featuring two outstanding local musicians. Songs and music composed live in front of your eyes using a combination of electronic technology and traditional acoustic instruments. The story begins in the twisted gutters and mangled alleyways, floating slowly upwards over the course of two and a half hours until we are all lifted into the sky, among the clouds.

First set (9pm): Vu Nhat Tan is one of Vietnam’s leading experimental musicians nd a cultural stalwart of Hanoi, having founded the New Music Ensemble series at the Goethe Institute as well as the traditional Vietnamese music showcase at the new Dao Duy Tu Culture Center. Vu Nhat Tan’s experimental music is a blend of chaos, oscillators, and electronic signal processing. Slip into a trance and be taken into the dark corners and jagged edges of Hanoi.

Second set (10:30pm): Pablo Yang is perhaps best known in Hanoi for his saxophone work, with which he has toured and performed with the likes of Bob Marley’s band, former Morphine member Dana Colley, and Grammy-winning singer Craig Fujita. On this night, he will present a new instrument, an electro-acoustic orchestrion capable of

Between the sets a live improvised collaboration between Vu Nhat Tan and Pablo Yang will take place, a swirling and tumultuous electro-acoustic dialogue between beauties and beasts.

We look forward to seeing you at Rec Room (#1 Luong Yen, Floor 20) on the evening of Saturday July 16th!


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