Tie^’p va` No^’i ON the PATH of the ANCESTORS

Tie^'p vs No^'i On the Paths of the Ancestors [VNAM 2019]color

HANOI NEW MUSIC ENSEMBLE and ĐÔNG KINH CỔ NHẠC THE ANCIENT MUSIC GROUP OF TONKIN are sincerely present our most important concert in the year of 2019


TIẾP và NỐI / On the Path of the Ancestors Vietnam National Academy of Music the Large Concert Hall No.77 Hao Nam str, Dong Da dist, Hanoi Friday, March 22, 2019, 8pm FREE ENTRY


Grammy Award winning conductor Jeff von der Schmidt returns to conduct the Hanoi New Music Ensemble in a concert of three generations of Vietnamese new music. The concert opens with “JIJI” by Luong Hue Trinh, welcoming her back to Hanoi after completing her studies in Hamburg, Germany. JIJI is dedicated to her teacher Georg Hadju and uses ancient dan tranh with instruments and technology. “TUYEN LUA” by Nguyen Thien Dao is from the war years of 1968 and then the iron horse victory of Vietnamese boy hero Phu Dong. The concert ends with the world premiere of “METAL WATER FIRE” with the poetry of Nguyen Duy and music of Vu Nhat Tan, combining soloist Tran Thu Thuy with Hanoi New Music Ensemble and Dong Kinh Co Nhac the Ancient Music Group of Tonkin. This concert also begins a regional collaboration between Hanoi New Music Ensemble and the HongKong New Music Ensemble with players Karina Yau and Chronicle Li coming to Hanoi from Hong Kong


Links https://www.facebook.com/events/603802070093556/



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