Heritage ÉP launch: Tìm em/ Qua đêm trăng sạch

Heritage Space, re-locating to a new ‘planet’, night after night, has been preparing a tiny ‘feast’, for our new housewarming, a tiny house but sweet and dreamy (and not far, not far at all, anymore). Great gratefulness to all the South-to-North artists that gather here to take us to the moon.
We would love to invite all the old and new friends to join our language – music – movement feast: “Heritage ÉP launch: Tìm em/Qua đêm trăng sạch” (Seeking for you/Through a clear moon night). And this time, it’s gonna be a much more familiar and fun performing atmosphere.
List of main performances:
#0: Tìm em/ Qua thư viện sạch… (Seeking for you/Through a clean library…)
#1: Cánh đồng, con ngựa, chuyến tàu (The field, the horse, the train) – an experimental musical translation of the same poem – đàn tranh duo, vocal, sound objects,.. [with: Hoài Anh + Hà Thuý Hằng]
#2: Jờ Joạcx – bamboo flute, jew harp, electronic instruments and movements on “music pallete” – a special interactive D.I.Y ‘instrument’ invented by Alec Schachner [with: Alec Schachner + Duy Rùa + Kim]
#3: Hanoise – field recording, synthersizer, percussion. A project of Vu Nhat Tan, in duo with Ngo Tra My dan Bau and voice



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