Opening Night: ‘Cities In Transition’ Art Exhibition

Mukang Fields returns with some cosmic funky space jazz at Urban Gentry on the 27th, along with some great art and photography and other musicians performing too (including a set by one of the OG experimental musicians of the Hanoi scene Vu Nhat Tan). Join us for the opening night of ‘Cities In Transition’, a joint art exhibition featuring works by William P. Badger, Jr. (paintings and drawings) and Wouter Vanhees (photography). William’s work incorporates images from his time in Vietnam he sees as fleeting amid the coming industrialization of things. Wouter’s work focuses on life at street level amid the rising cities of Vietnam.
Live music by:
6pm Opening, with music by Paolo Chiabrando
8pm Mukang Fields (first set)
9pm Vu Nhat Tan
10pm Mukang Fields (second set)



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