The Tale of Love


The Tale of Love
An improvised concert of acoustic piano and delicate Đàn Tranh by Vu Nhat Tan and Phan Y Ly
Come, let go all thoughts, open your heart and let yourself be merged in the mood of sensuality, love, and longing.

8.00 PM, Friday 23 September 2016
Manzi Art Space, 14 Phan Huy Ich
Surcharge: 200,000 VND/person
Due to limited seating capacity, please email before Wed 21 Sept to reserve seats.

The concert is part of Manzi’s art programme supported by CDEF of the Danish Embassy
Communications Partners:
Hanoi Grapevine
And Of Other Things
The Word Vietnam

Vu Nhat Tan
Known as one of the pioneers in the contemporary music scene of Vietnam, composer Vu Nhat Tan has gained success in music events across Asia, Europe and Australia. In 2002, Vu Nhat Tan turned to experimental electronic music on computer platform, electronic equipment and music instruments. These works were introduced during his performances in Europe, America, Australia, China and Vietnam in collaboration with many classic and contemporary artists. Tan has lectured on composition and musicology at the Vietnam National Academy of Music since 1995

Phan Y Ly
Phan Y Ly, mysterious for most, emblematic for others, is a polyvalent artist, pure expression of femininity, genius of improvisation. Having performed many years as a dancer and contemporary theatre actress, she’s unveiled her inner-self; harmony and peace having carried her along an incredible life experience. After Europe, Africa, India, she has come back to her land, fulfilled with ethnic melodies and frenzic beats.
Ly had a life changing encounter in the Southern jungle with Duyet Thi Trang, a master of traditional instruments, descendant of the Nguyen royal dynasty and beholder of its ancestral techniques. Secluded in the lands of the Mekong delta, he teaches those who can listen to one’s own feels and energies. Surrounded by the sounds of the jungle, Ly started her journey to the mastery of the Dan Tranh, the authentic Vietnamese 16 strings instrument, inheriting from her shifu the belief that music should come from the heart and be free from all forms and restrictions.




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