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HEINE’S “LYRICAL INTERMEZZO” in collaboration with “Dong Kinh Co Nhac – The Ancient Music Group of Tonkin”

Goethe Institute Hanoi
56 Nguyen Thai Hoc str, Ba Dinh dist.

Presented by the traditional Vietnamese Music Ensemble “DONG KINH CO NHAC – The Ancient Music Group of Tonkin”
In cooperation with translator Mrs. Chu Thu Phương
Heinrich Heine (1797-1856) is one of the most important poets of Romanticism. His lyrics are in the canon of the German and world literature of the XIXth century. His “Lyrical Intermezzo” was translated into Vietnamese by the translator Chu Thu Phuong
His lyrics seems appropriate for an adaptation by the rich Vietnamese musical tradition of poetic performances. The music ensemble “DONG KINH CO NHAC” has prepared a program devoted to Heinrich Heine, entitled “Lyric and Tradition”. They will put Heine’s poems onto stage through a variety of Vietnamese theatrical such as “Tương tư khúc” of Huế singing, “Du Xuân” of Chèo, “Cờn Nam” and “Vãn” “of Chầu Văn.

Presentation and Reading Chu Thu Phương
Music ensemble DONG KINH CO NHAC
Transcription into Vietnamese lyrical forms Đàm Quang Minh
Traditional singing Künstlerin des Volkes Frau Thanh Hoài
Music edition Künstler des Volkes: Frau Thanh Hoài, Herr Vũ Nhật Tân
Musical styles Hát Chầu Văn; Ca Huế; Hát Chèo; Hát Tuồng; Hát Xẩm; Ngâm thơ Mới


‘Intransmission’ Hanoi 2017

‘Intransmission’ is a series of experimental multidisciplinary live art shows exploring individual perception and collective experience. Its first edition will take place in Hanoi.

Dates: 29th September – 1st October 2017
Place: Heritage Space, Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyễn Hoàng, Hanoi

‘Intransmission’ Hanoi aims to provide an immersive experience, and we thus hope to keep as many details secret as possible to maximise the surprise effect for all of you!
This is why we can’t give you a complete rundown of what we’ve planned for inside.
What we can tell you however, is that there will be two separate rooms. While each room will contain its own site-specific art installation and distinct music act, they will both be connected: audio and visuals from Room 1 will be live-streamed to Room 2, undergoing distortions in the process.
Participating artists and collaborators: Think Playgrounds (installation, Space 1), Daniel Day Long & Julien Noyer (visuals, Space 2), Rec Room (sound design for both spaces), Hai Duy (percussion, Space 1), Linh Ha (vocals, Space 1), Nguyen Thu Thuy (dan ty ba, Space 1), Vu Nhat Tan (music, Space 2), Alistair Hobson (music, Space 2), Numbfoot (music, Space 1 & 2) and Quan (music, Space 2).

About ‘Intransmission’:
‘Intransmission’ explores the concept of perception, and what we call ‘derivative experience’ (i.e. indirect experience through an external narrative).
Two main themes will emerge throughout this series:
1. How individual perception conditions communication channels.
Do we see reality for what it really is? How do our memories and past experiences influence our perception of the world around us? To what extent is our understanding of reality conditioned by mass media, and what are the consequences of this global scale phenomenon?
2. What is lost in channels of communication.
We are interested in exploring what happens when we communicate our realities with others, and specifically what elements of our realities get distorted or lost in the process.
The series thus explores the ‘lack of transmission’ (i.e. distortions and omissions which occur in communication), in an attempt to address the relationship between first-hand, and derivative experience.

About 2nanas:
2nanas is an emerging multidisciplinary production agency. Its areas of competence include artistic conceptualisation and direction, and providing production assistance, in the fields of visual arts, contemporary music and social/community projects.
Its two founders, Anita Wilczega and Dalia Somi, work in collaboration with artists, creators, musicians and organisations, creating expert teams for original projects.
2nanas organises its own creative events, while also helping artists bring their projects to life. 2nanas first solo art exhibition, ‘intransmission’, is planned to open in September 2017 in Hanoi, Vietnam.
You can follow us here:

HA!noise@DeN HANOI [VuNhatTan vs DaoAnhKhanh]

HA!noise is the monthly music event inviting everyone to enjoy an evening of live sonic excursion through cut-up harsh noise, contemporary, HNW, improvised, concrete, abstract, industrial, acoustics, drone, ambient, doom, avant-garde, special effect, sludge, fkcd-up, hifi-glitch, experimental, dumb, heavy, violent, gore, noinput, happy, arrogant, neo-burlesque, breakcore, slomo, electroacoustic, stochastic, IDM, Hanoian rapto-jazz, braindance, power electronics, post-classic, shaky-jazz, facto-gypsy and melt-fusion. Well, you get it…
All original / underground / independent / insane / freeform musicS and performanceS have a home with a beautiful and ideal set-up on the idyllic West-lake of our beloved Hanoi !
70k, Free Before 8pm,
20h00 : numbfoot
21h00 : 縁
22h00 : Vu Nhat Tan & . . . & Dao Anh Khanh
22h30 : WEON
23h00 : lark minkous
23h30 : Linh Ha, for now
00h00 : DOOR CLOSE

49 Làng Yen Phụ, Hanoi, Vietnam
Friday, September 15 at 8 PM – 11:59 PM

link for live recording


Hanoi New Music Ensemble in Asian – China Music Festival, Nanning 2017

Hanoi New Music Ensemble
in Asian – China Music Festival
Guangxi Arts University
Nanning China May 31, 2017

Hanoi New Music Ensemble
Nanning Program
May 31, 2017
01. Nguyen Minh Nhat
“Emotion” String Quartet
Pham Truong Son, violin 1
Vu Thi Khanh Linh, violin 2
Khuc Van Khoa, viola
Dao Tuyet Trinh, cello

02. Nguyen Thien Dao: “Tuyen Lua”
Gong and Solo for Flute
Nguyen Trong Bang, flute.
Vu Nhat Tan, Gong

03. Otto Keting
Solo trompet
Le Anh, trompet

04. Song of Mountain
(Chinese piece)

05. Do kien Cuong
Bong nen Bong from traditional Music
Nguyen Trong Bang, Flute
Phan Viet Cuong, Oboe
Le Anh, Trompet

06. Xu Shuya
In Nomine 2 (Chinese piece) for Sheng and String quartet
String Quartet Pham Truong Son, violin 1. Vu Thi Khanh Linh, violin 2. Khuc Van Khoa, viola. Dao Tuyet Trinh, cello


07. Ton That Tiet
“Autumn Wind”
for violin and piano
Pham Truong Son, violin
Pham Quynh Trang, piano

08. Vu Nhat Tan
“Cha^m” for String Quartet
Pham Truong Son, violin 1. Vu Thi Khanh Linh, violin 2. Khuc Van Khoa, viola. Dao Tuyet Trinh, cello

09. Takemitsu Toru
Voice for flute solo
Nguyen Trong Bang, Flute

10. Chan Wing Wah
Sages’ Plateau (Chinese piece)
Nguyen Quoc Bao, Clarinet
Pham Truong Son, violin
Khuc van Khoa, viola
Dao Tuyet Trinh, cello

11. Tran Kim Ngoc
Journey no,3 Trio for Piano, Violin, Clarinet
Nguyen Quoc Bao, clarinet. Pham Truong Son, violin. Pham Quynh Trang, piano

Nature Nostalgie in L’espace HANOI

One of our first activities as collaboration between The Dong Kinh Co Nhac / Ancient Music Group of Tonkin and Master artists and painters, to become a Group of Vietnamese Cultural and Arts in Vietnam

Exposition de laques: Nature – nostalgie
Triển lãm tranh sơn mài: Thiên nhiên – hoài niệm
Auteur – Tác giả: Lý Trực Sơn, Đặng Thu Hương & Nguyễn Thị Quế

Hall de L’Espace – Sảnh triển lãm L’Espace
Vernissage I Khai mạc: 18h-09.06.2017
Exposition I Triển lãm: 09.06 > 23.07.2017
Entrée libre – Vào cửa tự do
24 Trang Tien str, Hoan Kiem dist, Hanoi

La laque fait partie de la vie quotidienne des vietnamiens depuis des milliers d’années. La laque, associée à d’autres matières naturelles, est encore employée de nos jours pour décorer des objets sacrés en bois. La nature, l’usage et les techniques de la laque ont finalement très peu évolué.
Toutefois, l’ouverture en 1925 de l’École supérieure des Beaux-Arts de l’Indochine, a donné une nouvelle vie à cette matière millénaire. La collaboration de peintres français avec l’artisan traditionnel vietnamien Dinh Van Thanh du village de Ha Thai a ainsi donné naissance à un nouveau mélange de laque appelé “”Son Nhua”” (laque mélangée avec de la colophane). Cette nouvelle matière renvoie, en fait, à l’origine même de «la laque poncée» vietnamienne. Elle peut être appliquée à plusieurs reprises sur la surface des tableaux afin d’obtenir de très beaux effets de perspective. Grâce à cette nouvelle matière, la laque poncée du Vietnam se place au croisement de l’esprit oriental originel de la laque et de ses inspirations esthétiques occidentales modernes.
L’exposition des 3 artistes de la première génération de l’Ecole des Beaux-Arts du Vietnam Dang Thu Huong, Ly Truc Son et Nguyen Thi Que à L’Espace présentera une série d’œuvres visant à raconter l’histoire de la laque poncée du Vietnam. Une histoire qui est avant tout celle d’une rencontre entre l’Asie et l’Europe.

Nhựa cây sơn là chất liệu thường dụng trong đời sống của người Việt Nam từ hàng ngàn năm nay. Trong suốt thời gian ấy, chất liệu sơn, các kỹ thuật nghề sơn cũng như những ứng dụng của nhựa sơn trong đời sống không có nhiều thay đổi. Sơn ta được dùng như một chất liệu kết dính, chất phủ trên bề mặt những vật dụng bằng gỗ, kết hợp cùng một số nguyên liệu tự nhiên để trang trí những vật phẩm tâm linh hay những đồ dùng trang trọng thời phong kiến. Sự tìm tòi và phát triển kỹ thuật nghề cổ truyền của những họa sĩ đời đầu của Trường Mỹ thuật Đông Dương cùng nghệ nhân Đinh Văn Thành từ làng nghề Sơn, Hạ Thái đã cho ra đời một chất sơn mới có tên gọi là sơn nhựa (sơn ta pha nhựa thông). Đó là bước khởi nguồn cho kỹ thuật vẽ tranh sơn mài Việt Nam. Chất liệu sơn mới được pha chế trong và cho hội họa ấy chịu được việc mài trong nước nhiều lần để cuối cùng tạo ra những hiệu ứng viễn cận độc đáo. Sơn mài Việt Nam hội tụ tinh thần huyền bí phương Đông được chứa trong nhựa cây sơn ngàn năm tuổi và những khát vọng sáng tạo của tư duy mỹ học hiện đại đến từ phương Tây. Triển lãm «Thiên nhiên – hoài niệm» tại L’Espace của 3 nghệ sĩ, 3 người bạn đồng môn ở Trường Mỹ thuật Việt Nam vào đầu những năm 60 của thế kỷ 20 là Đặng Thu Hương, Lý Trực Sơn và Nguyễn Thị Quế sẽ kể với chúng ta câu chuyện sơn mài Việt Nam – câu chuyện về sự giao thoa văn hóa Đông – Tây, trong từng hình nét và màu sắc.

Traveling Exhibition in Nha` Tre HANOI

“Traveling Exhibition”
opening first time in Nha Tre – Bamboo House
our home of Dong Kinh Co Nhac – The Ancient Music Group of Tonkin as an Arts and Musical Space
Friday May 5, 2017 at 5pm

“Triển lãm di động” lần đầu tiên mở cửa tại Nhà Tre, ngôi nhà của nhóm Nghệ thuật Đông Kinh Cổ Nhạc, như một Trung tâm Nghệ thuật và Âm nhạc tại Hanoi
Thứ Sáu 05.05.2017 lúc 17h
Làng Láng phố Chùa Láng, Hà Nội

The project is to link together a group of artists living in different countries. They all use different medium. Idea is to present an exhibition traveling from one country to another. Like a traveler is moving from place to place and at each place tell story from his country, his daily life. The works are traveling by mail and every step would tell a story about an other place. The daily history, colors from every day far away from home, shared by a journey becomes an imaginary story. A story that we heard from some one and we tell to other ans so…it could create a new one.

link for more info

Hat Xam by Xuan Hoach and group of Tonkin Ancient Music