Improvacoustic Salon @ Salon Saigon

Salon Saigon
6d Ngô Thời Nhiệm, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Sunday, March 5 at 5 PM – 7 PM

Composer Vu Nhat Tan and sound artist Alec Schachner will return to the audience of Salon Saigon with an interactive experimental performance, using eclectic insturments as well as their conceptual knowledge of music and sounds, to create improv pieces – a convergence of two styles of music: techno and acoustic.

RSVP via ticketbox (link to be updated)
RSVP deadline: 9:00 PM, March 4th, 2017
Normal ticket: 200,000 VND
Student ticket (with appropriate ID): 150,000 VND

Vu Nhat Tan is a Vietnamese composer of experimental music combining orchestral/chamber/piano, electro/computer and multimedia performance. He studied piano, composition and musicology at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in Hanoi, computer music and new music at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Cologne and composition with Chinary Ung at the University of California at San Diego.

Alec Schachner is a multi-genre musician, sound installation artist, independent scholar & poetry translator. His sound installation work over the past several years has focused on creating viewer-interactive/immersive audio spaces by using voltage-generating piezoelectric contact elements to transform everyday objects and materials into sound-reactive instruments.

Screening of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari (1920) by Robert Wiene accompanied by Vu Nhat Tan live music in Salon Saigon


Robert Weine’s 1920 silent film The Cabinet of Doctor Caligari is unanimously agreed to be both a prime example of German Expressionist cinema, and also a seminal horror film. However, the film is also something of an enigma, combining as it does, a mixture of gothic, psychologically motivated narrative, and Expressionist set design.
It tells the story of an insane hypnotist (Werner Krauss) who uses a somnambulist (Conrad Veidt) to commit murders.

Vu Nhat Tan is a Vietnamese composer of experimental music combining orchestral/chamber/piano, electro/computer and multimedia performance.
He studied piano, composition and musicology at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in Hanoi, computer music and new music at the Staatliche Hochschule für Musik in Cologne and composition with Chinary Ung at the University of California at San Diego.
His music has been performed in Australia, Cambodia, China, France, Germany, Mongolia, Switzerland, the USA, and Vietnam, including at the Roaring Hoofs Festival in Ulaanbaatar (2000), the Louisiana Festival of Contemporary Music in Baton Rouge (2002), the Totally Huge New Music Festival in Perth (2003), and the Asian Music Festival in Tokyo (2003).
He has lectured on composition and musicology at Vietnam National Academy of Music in Hanoi since 1995. He has also guest-lectured on Vietnamese music in Australia and Vietnam.



A solo exhibition of Harry Tabak
How will Sculpture, Movement and Music interact in a show?
Come to Heritage Space this Saturday afternoon to have this incredible experience contributed by artworks of Harry Tabak, dancers from Kinergie Studio and music of Vu Nhat Tan.

Opening reception | 18:00, Saturday, 10.12.2016
Exhibition | From Dec 11 to 24, 2016
Venue | Heritage Space, Fl.1 Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyen Hoang st./ 28 Tran Binh st., Hanoi, Vietnam.
Free admission.
The showcase will explore a great installation by eco-sculptures and digital images made by artist Harry Tabak in his recent residency program at Muong Studio.
Harry Tabak had opportunities to collaborate with skillful local artisans during the 4-week-residence at Muong Studio. Due to the concept of seeking and capturing movements inspired by natural plants, artist found in local bamboo the possibilities of multi-direction developments, connection and unlimited expanding in forms and shape, as well as the typical characteristic from the land. Harmony, Rhythm and Relationship of the passion to intergrate with land and human are messages of this show.
In the Opening Reception, audience will have change to enjoy a unique dance performance by dancers from Kinergie Studio interacting with screened sculpture images of Harry Tabak on the impromptu music background.
Harry Tabak is visual artist based in New York, United States. All of residency, exchange programs and exhibition are designed and operated by the Art Exchange program of Indochina Arts Partnership in the year 2016.
For more information, please visit:

[Season Fades and Late Winter] Improvised Acoustic Concerts by composer/pianist Vu Nhat Tan and percussionist Tran Xuan Hoa


Season Fades
Manzi Art Space
14 Phan Huy Ich, Ba Dinh, HANOI
8.00 PM Sat 19 November 2016

Late Winter
8.00 PM Fri 16 December 2016
Heritage Space, Fl.1 Dolphin Plaza, 6 Nguyen Hoang/ 28 Tran Binh, My Dinh 2, Hanoi

Improvised acoustic concerts by composer/pianist Vu Nhat Tan and percussionist Tran Xuan Hoa
Vu Nhat Tan and Tran Xuan Hoa present to Hanoi music lovers an improvised acoustic concert with piano and percussion. The concert will bring audience a chilled out evening combining the melodiousness of the piano with the beautiful rhythm of marimba and percussion instruments.
Due to limited seating capacity, please email before Thurs 17 November to reserve seats. This event is part of Manzi’s art programme supported by CDEF of the Danish Embassy

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Time: 20.00 – 04/11/2016
Venue: Grand Hall, Vietnam National Academy Of Music – 77 Hào Nam, Dong Da, Hà Nội.
Tickets available at Vietnam National Academy Of Music – 77 Hào Nam, Dong Da, Hà Nội.

Welcome to the Ancient and New Music of Việt Nam!
On Friday November 4 at 8 PM in the Grand Hall of Vietnam National Academy of Music, the Hanoi New Music Ensemble will be joined by the Ancient Music of Tonkin, in their not to be missed first collaboration. Together the two groups give voice to the true classical music of Việt Nam, connecting centuries of musical generations from the past to the present.
The concert opens with The “Communal House Door Song”, a perfect ancient introduction for the new music The Autumn Wind by Ton That Tiet and Fire Line by Nguyen Thien Đao, the grandfathers of Vietnamese new music. We turn to a brand new string quartet by Nguyen Minh Nhat, who proudly studies at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.
Then the music turns to two giants of the 20th century, the Pastorale of Igor Stravinsky and Dérive 1 by Pierre Boulez, followed by two masterpieces by the current leaders of Hanoi New Music Ensemble, The Memory by Vũ Nhật Tân and Resurrection of the Soul by Trần Kim Ngọc.

“Communal House Door Song”: Ancient Music of Tonkin (for vocal, choral, Chau drum, Gongs, wooden block, Đáy, Nguyệt, Tranh)
Tôn Thất Tiết : The Autumn Winds (for violin & piano)
Nguyen Thien Dao: Fire Line (for flute & percussion)
Ton That Tiet: Voyage (for solo cello)
Nguyễn Minh Nhật : Emotions for string quartet


Igor Stravinsky: Pastorale (violin, oboe, English horn, clarinet, bassoon)
Pierre Boulez : Derive 1 for six instruments (flute, clarinet, vibraphone, piano, violin, violoncello)
Trần Kim Ngọc : Phuc Hon (for flute, clarinette, violin, cello, piano and percussions)
Vũ Nhật Tân : The Memory (for flute, clarinet, violin, violoncello, piano and percussions).

The concert opens with Communal House Door Song – a medley of the traditional songs and music has been performed internationally in ancient Vietnamese village. Vietnamese communal house is a traditional cultural cradle of the northern region, The Communal House’s Door Song is the oldest items are also kept to this day.
By the conducting of American conductor Jeff Von Der Schmidt and his assistant, violinist Jan Karlin, the program continues by a chance of contemporary music pieces starting by two Original Vietnamese composers, Ton That Tiet and Nguyen Thien Đao.
Thu Phong by Ton That Tiet brings wisps of sounds and figures to both violin and piano, with images of falling leaves upon water floating endlessly, supported only by their fragile weight.
Nguyen Thien Đao, a Vietnamese master composer who passed away in November 2015, is remembered with his ode to the fight for Vietnamese freedom with a haunting piece Fire Line, a quiet nocturne for solo flute and gongs.
Voyage by Ton That Tiet was written for Indian cellist Rohan de Saraam and echoes the songs of the composer’s home city of Huế. An exciting and fiery seven minute work blending the spirits of India and Việt Nam.
Emotions by young compoer Nguyen Minh Nhat closes the first half of the program. This talent guy wants to convey is how emotion in reality cannot be purely happy, sad, anxious or excited but instead a mixture of them. This is due to the lifestyle of the modern world where chains of events happen and the mind has to conjure different thoughts simultaneously, causing the emotions to mix.
Pastorale by great composer Igor Stravinsky – opens the last half of of the concert – was written as a thank you to Madame Rimsky-Korsakov in St. Petersburg and was originally for soprano. Stravinsky himself arranged the melody for violinist Samuel Dushkin and a quartet of oboe, English horn, clarinet and bassoon. The melody anticipates moments in his ballet The Firebird.
Following is Dérive 1 by giant composer Pierre Boulez- six minutes of glowing harmony comparable to the brilliant movement of golden carp in a pond, one moment still, the next moment swimming at great speed. A perfect introduction to one of the great musicians of our time, Boulez passed away at 90 years of age in January and this is the first performance of his music in Việt Nam.
The concert closes by two compositions Phục Hồn (Resurrection of The Soul) and The Memory (Ky Uc) of the two leading composers of Vietnamese contemporary music, Tran Kim Ngoc and Vu Nhat Tan, who were influenced by master Ton That Tiet.
“Phuc Hon” – one of the most interesting contemporary chamber music piece exploring spiritual senses, which has been written by Kim Ngọc when she was a student.
“My father passed away in 1994. According to Vietnamese custom, on the third day after a loved one’s death, his family holds a ceremony known as “PHUC HON”.
Vietnamese people believe that after spending three days in the supernatural world, dead people’s souls often try to return to their bodies in this world, only to discover that they cannot reintegrate themselves and sadly, cannot return to their previous lives. They are unable to accept their own deaths, and thus their spirits continue to remain close to their relatives, participating invisibly in the daily events of their families. They are extremely frustrated, regretful and full of nostalgia for the memories of former lives. This is time to perform a “PHUC HON” ceremony.
Buddhist monks, who are intermediaries between this world and the next one, perform a ceremony rite to console them, and to convince them that they truly no longer belong on earth. They are told to make peace with their deaths, and to be happy as they pass on to an eternal world.
I love my farther very much. My mother and I cerebrated a simple “PHUC HON” for him. Afterwards, I wrote this piece to worship for his soul.”
“The Memory” is written in the years when Vũ Nhật Tân was a student of Vietnam National Academy of Music and influenced by contemporary French music style at that time. This piece has been written for a small ensemble in which each player plays in both independent and interactive ways, and adapts the structure of “Tai Tu Cai Luong” – a traditional music of Vietnam. This piece using complex technical playing and it’s harmony evokes an ancient atmosphere of Vietnamese traditional music.

East Meets East: The Hanoi New Music Ensemble and The Ancient Music Ensemble of Tonkin on November 4.2016

Jeff Von der Schmidt “I am happy to announce an important development for serious music in Việt Nam. On Friday November 4th 2016 in Hanoi at the second concert of the Hanoi New Music Ensemble we will begin a long term collaboration with the Ancient Music Ensemble of Tonkin”
Source: East Meets East: The Hà Nội New Music Ensemble and The Ancient Ensemble of Tonkin on November 4!

“WHAT IF…” by MMTM @ Heritage Space HANOI


Heritage Space’s pleased to introduce an exclusive musical nigth called “WHAT IF…”, performed by MMTM band
– A great harmony of Folk musik and New sounds
– The launch of New talented band MMTM
– Happening with the great Opening of Exhibition ‘LIMITED n INFINITIVE’ from project Month of Arts Practice 2016.

19:00 – 21:00, Sunday 30.10.2016
At Heritage Space.
MMTM will perform perfectly new works composed for the group by its musicians, Trí Minh and Vũ Nhật Tân, with the creation shown by the two traditional music artists Phạm Trà My and Ngô Trà My. The group will bring about unique, alluring and amazing of Vietnam’s new culture.

* QUARTET | Autumn wind
– 2 quartet, composed by Vũ Nhật Tân and Trí Minh
** TRIO | Still movement
– Trio 01: Tri Minh, Tân, Ngô Trà My (Monochord)
– Trio 02: Vũ Nhật Tân, Ngô Trà My (Monochord), Phạm Trà My (Zither)
*** DUO | Dialogue
– Duo 01: Vũ Nhật Tân vs Tri Minh
– Duo 02: Tri Minh vs Phạm Trà My (Zither)
– Duo 03: Vũ Nhật Tân vs Ngô Trà My (Monochord)
– Duo 04: Ngô Trà My (Monochord) vs Phạm Trà My (Zither)
**** SOLO
– solo 01: Phạm Trà My (Zither)
– solo 02: Ngô Trà My (Monochord)
– solo 03: Tri Minh
***** BONUS: MMTM quartet
* VENUE | Heritage Space
Dolphin Plaza
6 Nguyen Hoang st. (for car) | 28 Tran Binh st. (for bike)
Mỹ Đình 2, Nam Từ Liêm, Hà Nội
* TIME | 19:00 – 21:00, Sunday 30.10.2016

MMTM is a contemporary musical group which is established by the leading artists in the new music and traditional music of Vietnam. The band uses contemporary language of music mixed and created with a touch of traditional folk music. MMTM is formed with the aim to introduce to Vietnamese and international audience multiple dimensions of the new music of a new Vietnam, yet, preserve and develop the traditional folk music.
The group is formed by four leading artists in the contemporary music, electronic music and Vietnamese traditional music.

* VŨ NHẬT TÂN – Lecturer at Vietnam National Academy of Music, composer, pianist and electronic music artists
* TRÍ MINH – Musician, pianist and electronic music artist
* PHẠM TRÀ MY – Lecturer at Vietnam National Academy of music, master of Vietnamese zither “dan Tranh”
* NGÔ TRÀ MY – Lecturer at Vietnam National Academy of music, master of Dan Bau (monochord)

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