[VuNhatTan@DoanMinhHoan]the Circle 0f LIFE[experimental DANCE and Music]


// Doan Minh Hoan is a well known performance artist and painter. Her performance is a visualisation of journeys into the inner mind to explore the subconscious thoughts and human instincts.The dance is an expression of mindfulness where the body is a material for innovative creation guided by emotions and feelings as a moving sculpture. To understand more about her performance, please google, you tube with the key words “ Doan Minh Hoan “ or follow the link:


// Vu Nhat Tan has turned to stronger work in the electronics field and has himself performed with laptop, electronic equipment and sound instruments. He has given numerous live concerts in collaboration with other local and international artists in Vietnam. He is now teaching in the new department for electronic music at the Vietnam National Academy of Music in Hanoi and is founder of the experimental music VuNhatTanGroup [VNTG]


// Dee.F is an artistic side of Phu Pham who in sound he attempts to capture its spectrum to codify the unstructured rhythm of being. Phu is one of the most active artists in the current music scene and has constantly striking his sounds through both solo and his band work – currently with “XAI”. With a full on local and international gig’s scheduled for this year, a debut EP is expecting to be released this summer.


The theatre performance “ Cycle of Life” including 4 tracks in 75 minutes is the combination of modern contemporary dance with experimental music by artist Vu Nhat Tan, Dee.F and live combined dance and energy painting. The performance will be a special gift from Doan Minh Hoan and other artists to the audience.

FRI 20 JUN | 9PM
Hanoi Rock City, 27/52 To Ngoc Van, Tay Ho, Hanoi


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