VU NHAT TAN + THE MUKANG FIELDS – electronic astral explorations – Hanoi_Sat 31st, 2014

Austral Travelling: Vu Nhat Tan and the Mukang Fields

Sat 31st, 2014


73 Mai Hac De




Hao Nam and New Jersey share the launch pad as Hanoi’s live electronica stalwart – Sound-artist Vu Nhat Tan – joins forces with The Mukang Fields (Bill Badger) for a night of live electronic music and astral travel.

Having played many of the same events, this is their first true collaboration. While the two musicians have found similar musical ground, the varied paths to get there make this music a unique sonic experience.

Each will play his own solo set, and then the two will play material they have written together – for electronic instruments and also for their roots in piano and percussion.

One of the “godfathers” of Hanoi’s electronica scene, Vu Nhat Tan began studying piano at Vietnam National Academy of Music in Hanoi in 1980, and turned his attention to digital in 2000, studying computer music in Cologne, Germany.

He has performed around the world including the Louisiana Festival of Contemporary Music in Baton Rouge, the Totally Huge New Music Festival in Perth, the Asian Music Festival in Tokyo, the Arts Network Asia in Singapore and the Space of Traditional and Contemporary Music in China.

Today Tan remains focused on electronic music, performing solo works for laptop, electronic equipment and sound instruments, while still returning to piano, and has played numerous concerts in collaboration with other local and international artists in Vietnam.

The Mukang Fields have been making original music in Vietnam since 1997. Having collaborated on percussion with myriad Hanoi music projects and recorded two solo albums, the Fields are delving further into the psychedelic sounds of live electronica, writing songs for Jupiter T analog synthesizer, drum machine and Animoog.



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