A multiExperimentalPerformance
HanoiSE is a multiExperimentalPerformance of computer/electronic music, Vietnamese traditional da`n Tranh (a 19 strings-zither), an improvisation dancer and videoProjecting/Vjing
the performance is about Hanoi (the capital of Vietnam) in daily life and “noise”_the sounds of the city, the street images and video/vjing are included by electronic music, Vietnamese traditional instrument and music, and body movement..
all are reflects a mega-moving city in its construction and development
this is “Hanoi and noiSE”


Vu Nhat Tan
Hanoi sound experiments
Hanoi is always an inspiring city for us to work on, musically. So we will experiment with its sounds by arranging performances with electronic, piano, Vietnamese traditional instruments, noise and of course – found sounds and field recordings from the city. Our aim is to reflect a mega-moving city, its construction and development
The program will be diverse. It can be a combination of Vietnamese traditional instruments, piano and electronic. It can be a performance of the – noise – from – Hanoi with delicate sounds of musical instruments. It can be an improvising set with found sounds and field recordings from the city only. And many more – since the material has so many possibilities to work on.
Here come each artist’s experiments with electronic and field recordings from Hanoi

No laptop experiment
Laptop has always been an important instrument in electronic music, especially in live performances. Performing without it means we challenge our musical ablities and expand our ideas. Instead of arranging a set with laptops, we will be making sounds various other devices including analogue/DIY instruments, objects, toys, etc. This also opens a chance to take part in a creative process and an interesting musical space,
After two succesful sets at Hanoi Rock City and CAMA ATK, we decided to push the idea further. Here is something we performed at CAMA ATK on 1st May, 2015 with Vu Nhat Tan on effects, Nguyen Hong Nhung on synth, tape recorder and objects, David Payne, our special guest, on guitar and effects.

Experimental/Noise music/IDM performance with possibly live visual
Ever since we started playing together, our goal is to experiment with as many elements and genres as possible. Beside playing noise music and experimental music, we will experiment with genres like IDM with the aim to create a colorful sonic world. And to make our performances more lively and interesting, we will add some (audio)visual to our sets.

Performing as a piano duo
Since we are both piano players, we decided to perform together as a piano duo. Moreover, we will perform on both acoustic piano and digital piano. Since acoustic piano and digital piano have very different sounds and nuances, this is going to be a great chance for new expression and interaction between the two performers.


Vu Nhat Tan
solo piano and “KhoanCatBe^To^ng”
(concrete drilling and cutting) sounds
tác phẩm có độ dài khoảng 10 phút xuất phát từ ý tưởng thu âm lại tiếng ồn từ máy khoan cắt bê tông khi một gia đình trong khu tập thể sửa chữa nhà. Tiếng ồn mạnh, bạo liệt và dai dẳng đến mức khủng khiếp và kéo dài suốt một tuần liền..
vài ngày đầu chịu đựng tiếng ồn khoan cắt bê tông, tôi cố đóng cửa và thu mình lại, nhưng rồi cũng đến giới hạn, tôi mở toang các cửa sổ và ngồi vào đàn piano để.. đập và phá với mong muốn hòa cùng thứ tiếng đinh tai nhức óc ngoài kia, nhưng như vậy không đủ hả giận mà còn ngược lại, sẽ phá hỏng cả đàn piano lẫn đôi tai bản thân mình
cuối cùng, vài làn điệu nhẹ nhàng trên nền âm thanh khoan cắt bê tông đã thu và trộn lại từ máy tính, lại làm nên tác phẩm này

The ten-minute piece derived from the idea to record the noise of concrete drilling and cutting as my neighbours repaired their home. The terribly drastic, violent and persistent noise lasted several weeks … On the first few days tolerating the noise of concrete drilling and cutting, I tried to shut down and cower, but as I’ve reached my limit, I opened windows and sat at the piano to .. ‘beat and demolish’ with the desire to harmonize with the horrible noise out there, but not enough to give way to anger, vice versa, that would destroy both the piano and the ears themselves. Finally, some soothing tunes from piano – based on the sound of concrete drilling and cutting which was recorded and remixed on the computer – helped to create this piece.
Music: Vu Nhat Tan
Piano & sound tape: Vu Nhat Tan

Vu Nhat Tan HANOISE for dan Nguyet, Bamboo flutes, piano and laptop electronic devices



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